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Bike sponsor since 2010. Supercross has been making frames from our home city for a long time.  The product line includes parts and the lightest fastest frame on the market, the Supercross Envy BLK.

Sponsor Since 2001.  Eliminator has been sponsored by and using the Grand Stand now made my Gear Up since 1999 previously sports solutions. The Grandstand is the fastest, easiest way to stand your bike. Gear Up Sports solutions is your sports storage center with rack solutions for bike storage, golf storage, and sports gear storage with the Up And Away racks  

Sponsor since 2000. The creator and leader of the energy bar market. PowerBar proudly fuels world-class athletes including Eliminator Racing. The PowerBar product line includes PowerBar Performance energy bars, PowerBar Harvest whole grain nutritious snack bars, PowerBar Protein Plus high protein bars, PowerBar PowerGel 

Sponsor Since 1998.  The most complete line of BMX chains in the business. Eliminator Racing is proud to equip our drive trains with quality, dependable chains from KMC. KMC Is the leader in the chain industry around the world and providing the best chains for our team using the Z610HX Chain

Vee Tire Co.

New Sponsor for 2014 Season!  Vee Tire Co. is new to the sport but fast on the move and already making a name for itself in the sport with their speedster and mk3 tire. The Vee Speedster is designed for hard pack fast riding. Constructed with Folding or Wire Beads, Dual or Normal Compounds and a choice of 60 or 90 Threads Per Inch casing material.

Joining the sponsor list for the 2013 season is Answer BMX With a line of full size pro parts.

Sponsor Since 2006.  Flex-Power, Inc. is a marketer and manufacturer of a high-quality topical analgesic cream.  Flex-Power is a performance pre-activity and recovery cream, Initially created exclusively for world-class athletes Flex-Power Joint and Muscle Pain Relief cream effectively relieves minor aches and pains of muscles and joints.  Use it to soothe arthritis pain, simple backaches, strains, sprains, and bruises. 

Sponsor Since 2011.  For nearly 20 years, it has been Nema's mission to deliver the very best MTB and BMX cycling apparel with a priority to offer specialized apparel designed to meet the unique challenges of BMX. In an environment where tenths matter, Nema understands the last thing that should be in a rider’s way is the gear they’re wearing.  From the best in function to cutting-edge design, Nema has earned a reputation for providing MTB and BMX gear above and beyond expectations.

TCB Event Medical Services, LLC is a partnership corporation formed by a group of EMS professionals looking to provide assistance to clients in need of quality & caring medical staff for standby locations across California.

Sponsor since 2011 Br4ss is based in Los Angeles california and are the makers of premium mens essentials such as fitted boxers and cologne

Sponsor since 1998. A leading grip manufacturer providing Eliminator with the lock on grip system and all our other bicycle handlebar grip needs. We use all the great accessories from ODI for our Grips

Sponsor Since 2009. Alienation is a BMX component design company established in 2006, specializing in grips, hubs, rims, wheels, saddles & tires. 

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