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Summer News Flash

July 20, 2014

Going into summer and ending late spring the national circuit made a new stop in Ventura, CA for the first annual seaside national.  This race was by far one of the nicer stops during the year.  Joel Handy, Rob Phillips and Nate Mellone were racing in the 3 older expert classes while Devan Searle not only won the athelete of the weekend award but took home a set of first place points to go toward her current lead in the national points series.  


Cody Wilson and Devan made the trip to Albuquruqe New Mexico for the Spring National and USA Cycling National Championships.  While Devan concentrated on the spring national, Cody made the main for the USA Cycling National Championship and placing 7th giving him just enough to qualify for the USA Team and the 2014 UCI Worlds in Holland.


Tas Slavin took a set of wins in Salt Lake City Utah at the Great Salt Lake National.  Tas has been flying after coming back from college and getting the cruiser bike into the main event has been his focus and will be gaining valuable points for the national title chase this November.

As every July, this year was no different as it kicked off our summer with some new colors and a big race in Las Vegas.  With the race being the largest non championship national on the circuit just to have Nate Mellone & Tas Slavin in the main events made for an awesome race.  Robert Phillips & Joel Handy made the qualifying mains while Devan had to sit out the race for some last minute college items.  Koby Lopz, Kekoa Phillips and Tory Lopez were all racing it out in the younger classes in Las Vegas during the action packed moto that nearly hit the 400 mark!


Meanwhile between all of these weekends the local racing has been hot and heavy along with Koby, Tory and Devan being at Southern California state races while Cody made some pit stops during the travel at the Arizona state series.


The team moves on next month to the divisinal finals in both Louisville, KY and Reno, NV!  Keep watching and the newsletter for more updates!

"R1" Race Report

January 15, 2014

The start of the season sometimes reffered to in motocross as “A1” and in BMX due to the dual Reno races on the national series is dubbed “R1” by some riders during the 2nd weekend of January. The BMX teams and riders had a long 6 weeks off since the end of the National Season for the USA BMX Series. Eliminator didnt have many riders a few weeks ago in Tulsa, but come Reno, NV for the start of the series we had a good start to the season with Koa Phillips, Joel Handy, Cody Wilson, Robert Phillips, Devan Searle, Gunnar Carlson and Nate Mellone.


The weekend started with Devan Searle jumping on the podium for the national awards ceremony with her top 10 finish in the 21-25 Girl Cruiser. Once the day got going Gunnar Carlson and Koa Carlson were teamed up in a class and doing battle while Cody Wilson and Nate Mellone got different draws. Joel Handy moved on to the Main Events and finished with a 4th place finish after a run from the back in the first turn. The race was on with our girl Devan Searle as she won her cruiser class and was in 2nd place in the last turn in her 20 inch class until a daring move got her the win and she took the double wins for the day.


Moving into Sunday after a 16 hour day at the track on Saturday we had Koa, Joel and Devan all into their main events. Joel took a win, Devan took a win and 2nd, and Koa got an 8th place to finish off the Reno, NV trip and put the 2014 Silver Dollar Nationals in the books. Our next national will be in Phoenix Arizona for the Winter Nationals. The Eliminator BMX Racing Team is proud to be supported by  Supercross Bicycles, ODI Grips, PowerBar, KMC Chains, Flex Power Sports Cream, Gear Up Bike Racks, Squirt Chain Lube, TCB Event Medical Services, Nema Gear, Vee Tires, Alienation Wheels, Answer Components, and BR4SS Underwear.

Vee Tire Co Joins Eliminator

November 1st, 2013

Eliminator Racing is pround to announce a new Sponsor to our 2014 program!  Vee Tire Co. is new to the sport but fast on the move and already making a name for itself in the sport with their speedster and mk3 tire.   In 2014 the Eliminator team riders will have the Vee Speedster tire under them with its design for hard pack and fast riding its a fit for our riders. 
The 1.6 speedster tire weighs in at only 12 ounces, compared to some tires on the market this could save a half a pound of rotating weight. With a full array of colors and sizes were happy to have Vee Tire supporting us in 2014.
Be on the look out for more from Vee Tire Co and visit for more information.
The Eliminator BMX Racing Team is proud to be supported by  Supercross Bicycles, ODI Grips, PowerBar, KMC Chains, Flex Power Sports Cream, Gear Up Bike Racks, Squirt Chain Lube, TCB Event Medical Services, Nema Gear, Vee Tires, Alienation Wheels, Answer Components, and BR4SS Underwear.

Redline Cup Finals Race Results

October 9, 2014

This past weekend the USA BMX Redline Cup Finals rolled into Fresno, CA at Woodward park for the final weekend of racing in the series.  During the year of injuries some of our riders were able to make it into the qualifers but going into the final weekend none of our riders were qualifed for the plates in the series.  We came out to the race with a small squad just to get some racing and mix some handlebars with the riders that were in contention.  On Saturday Nathan Mellone took a 6th place finish while Gunnar Carlson placed 5th.  Devan Searle was racing in the 17-20 girls class waiting her turn in the over 21 class in just a few weeks she was able to place 3rd both days in Fresno as her last race in the 20's.  On Sunday Gunnar Carlson repeated his main making skills and put himself into a 2nd place finish in the main event on the final day of racing while Cody Wilson and Nathan Melllone were in the same main event, it really was a battle to the finish for Cody as he moved up one more place into 5th at the finish line.


We are riding on into the final month of racing and the USA BMX Grand National in Tulsa, Oklahoma next month and The Eliminator BMX Racing Team is proud to be supported by  Supercross Bicycles, ODI Grips, PowerBar, KMC Chains, Flex Power Sports Cream, Gear Up Bike Racks, Squirt Chain Lube, TCB Event Medical Services, Nema Gear, Kenda Tires, Alienation Wheels, Answer Components, and BR4SS Underwear.

On The Road..Redline Cup Championships

October 4, 2013

We just got back from Chula Vista, CA and the Hall of Fame Nationals and now were off to Fresno, CA for the Redline Cup Championship race in woodward park.  

Bako & Desoto Race Report

May 10, 2013

Just a couple weeks after Phoenix Cody Wilson made the solo trip to Desoto, Texas for the USA BMX Supernationals.  Pulling off a 4th and a 5th during the cold weekend while Koby Lopez was back in California attending the state race in Palm Springs, CA.  Koby finished on the podium and added some much needed state points for this season.  

In late April Devan Searle, Koby, Cody, Gunnar Carlson and Tory Lopez made a quick stop for an afternoon state race in Lucerne Valley, CA.  Devan took a first on her cruiser, Koby took a 2nd, Gunnar a 5th and Cody got another 1st place win for the state series final this August.  

Bakersfield, CA is always the dusty stop for USA BMX on the west coast for the US Nationals.  Robert Phillips made the treck from Las Vegas, Nevada brining our new rider Joel Handy with him for some cruiser compeition.  Joel comes to us after more than a decade of riding BMX and were excited to bring his style to our team.  Nathan Mellone was also back on the bike for the Bakersfield weekend and although didnt make the main event either day is moving up fast in the 28-35 class after his nearly 6 months off the bike.  

Coming in late May were off to Nashville, TN for the USAC National Championships but not before we head down to the Olympic Training Center next weekend for the Elite USAC race and the USA BMX State Race on the grounds.

Phoenix Race Report

March 8, 2013

This past weekend was the USA BMX Winternationals in Phoenix, AZ.  It was an exciting weekend to have our riders back on the track after the short winter break.  Many thought we had disappeared although the only problem late last year was some of our riders were missing with either injuries, school obligations, work obligations and the regular trials of life.  We were glad to be back and even with the lack of a main event win from any of the riders this weekend we feel everyone rode great considering the circumstances.


We went into the Saturday with a fresh squad, but with the long tricky 6 turn, 7 straight track that is just about as far from traditional as you could find in the United States we had a great time riding the track and testing out a few new sponsor items to get the season rolling.  We had the new Nema Player Helmet on most of the riders heads, we tested out the new PowerBar Peformance Energy Blends and had some trick new Answer Components out there as well.


In 2 more weeks Cody Wilson will make a solo trip to Desoto, Texas for the stop on the national series at Metroplex BMX and then the entire team will be back together in Bakersfield, CA for the US Nationals.


The Eliminator BMX Racing Team is proud to be supported by  Supercross Bicycles, ODI Grips, PowerBar, KMC Chains,Flex Power Sports Cream, Gear Up Bike Racks, Squirt Chain Lube, TCB Event Medical Services, Nema Gear, Kenda Tires, Alienation Wheels, Answer Components, and BR4SS Underwear.

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